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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Well that's a first

I slept through my alarm today, missed the first half an hour of my psychology class. Un-freaking-believable, I'm usually so reliable, and maybe a touch anal (do not confirm or deny - keep me happy please), so of course I gave myself a heaping helping of guilt over it, but that doesn't really accomplish much does it? I think the school/work balance is starting to become unbalanced. I will try not to complain too much, but I am so fucking tired, I don't know which way is up. The silver lining of this exhaustion is, everything is hysterically funny.

Well, not everything. I almost smacked someone today who complained about having to work for three hours over the weekend, which is not very nice, nor funny.

This dump fire is AWESOME non? Good God, it smells like, well, nasty shit burning. The air is like a solid, everything reeks, schools are being closed and everyone is headachy and pissed off. And apparently this daily dumping of toxic chemicals into our lovely clean, crisp air is going to last for months and months. Sorry,  to those who don't know what I'm talking about - the dump here in Iqaluit has been burning for several weeks. We're the live action version of the Simpsons, I swear to God. If i see someone rolling away a burning tire, I'm buying a plane ticket somewhere far, far away. I don't know how the fire started, and furthermore, I don't care, I just want it to stop. Now don't be getting all snappy with me - my peeps over at the fire department have done everything they can and then some, it's too big, too much, and that's not their fault.

My last complaint, honest. I tried to make an order from Chapters today, and they have this sweet new deal where the shipping is free for orders over $25. Wonderful. Except the thing I wanted (a crazy little r/c spider thingy for my man for his birthday - I had this image of getting a bunch of them and having a battle royale in my kitchen), but said little spider is not covered under the free shipping rules (obviously) and would cost $40 to send here. What the WHAT?? Miserable sons of.....mutter, mutter......stupid....mutter...jerks. Keep your damn spider, I don't need a battle royale anyways. Huh.

Ok, ok, good news. I've gotten four paper/assignments back, and my average is wicked high. Yay! Choir is going really well. Two months and two days til I get to go SHOPPING and see my darling K (you know who you are my dear).

I got many sweet kisses today. I got to further understand the miricle that is our working bodies. I say it all the time in class - but it really is a wonder, us humans. The stuff we do every day without thinking about it. We are all fragile and perfect, and it's amazing that we have all survived this long. We are all so lucky.

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