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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Make Ye Merry (now with Jello shooters!)

So I got back from my vacation 2 days ago. It was a crazy whirlwind of friends, family and shopping. Just a whirl of wind. I had a wonderful time, met lots of people, and spent the equivalent of a small country's national debt.

Some highlights: my man's truck broke down within an hour of my arrival, and so I met his ENTIRE FAMILY with no prep time. I still reeked like airplane, and in this one rare instance, your friend the Help turned into a shy little girl, it was crazy. I was seriously intimidated, so I basically kept my trap shut. Which of course, scared the bejesus out of anyone who knows me.

I went to a church thing for kids in Perth, just as a tag-along, and as soon as I arrived, this sweet little autistic boy picked me out of the crowd and we spent some awesome time together, making each other laugh. I just fell in love with this little boy, and it was pretty clear that he was delighted with me too (he tried to follow me to the car when I left). This little guy kinda made my Christmas.

Fancy night was everything any of us could have hoped for.

Every shopping place was a FREAKING ZOO and everyone was all up in each others personal space, and everyone was all frowny and grumbly - except for me of course. I was so delighted to be there, and to shop, and see all the lights and babies, and hear the Christmas music......

I'm sad to be back, for sure. I miss my friends already, I miss my man. At the same time, I'm glad to be home. I love Christmas in the north. I have the tackiest Christmas tree ever, and I love being surrounded by friends. I miss my family, and there are moments I wish I was with them, but I wouldn't trade my life here for anything. This year, we play rock band.

I hope you all have yourselves a merry little Christmas. I hope you have a giant turkey, and plentiful gifts. I hope you laugh to crying at least once this season. I hope you dance with someone you love. I hope you get glitter in your hair.

Merry Christmas my friends.

The Help

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Allllllllmost there

So it's tomorrow. I leave tomorrow. In case you were wondering, tomorrow is the day. Can you tell that I'm a little excited?? Holy butterflies Batman.

I'm excited to go shopping, that's for sure. I have a stupid amount of money put away for this trip, and really only 4 days to spend it. Think I can do it? Yeah, I don't think there's gonna be a problem. I'm very excited to see two dear friends who have moved from Iqaluit. I've made them a bunch of Christmas ornaments, and cookies, and I'm seriously looking forward to having a booze fueled night of wrapping gifts and talking.

But mostly, I'm so beyond excited about seeing my favorite man. It's been almost three weeks since we last saw each other, which sounds like nothing, until you factor in the life stuff that has happened since he's gone - final exams, work stress, friends struggling.....it's been a long month, that much is certain. Thing is, this man, he is very good to me. He is like a balm to my insanity. Thing is, I've never been this happy. I've never worked this hard before, and I never imagined trying to balance everything would be as hard as it has proven to be.....and yet, I'm happy. I wish I could put into words how happy, and how grateful I am for this happiness. There are lots of people in the world who are unhappy, who have a harder life DAILY then I could ever imagine. It's not just the man, it is a culmination of amazing people in my life that make me this happy, that I am so grateful for. I wish I could properly describe this awesome feeling.

I'm not sure if I'll be blogging while I'm gone, but I will certainly be thinking of you dear readers. I genuinely wish you all every happiness.

The Help

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holy Crap, ZERO spelling mistakes in this post!

These two days are taking FOREVER. Of frigging course, cause I'm so excited about Thursday, the best day ever, the magical day I head down south. these days are going so slow, I feel like I should be adding days to the calender, not taking away.

So I'm going to tell you some of my Christmas wishes. These are wishes, they don't need to be logical.

1. Sure, sure, peace on earth, good will toward men (and women, and kids, and dogs, and goldfishes)
2. I wish I could paint
3. An awesome pair of shoes (is it asking too much to want shoes with zombies all over 'em?)
4. A disco ball and fog machine in my apartment
5. I want something pretty. Jewelry, not like, a peacock feather. Obviously.
6. The perfect red lipstick
7. Lots of sweet, sweet kisses
8. I wish that everyone I know and love a wealth of health and happiness
9. I wish that you, my dear readers, continue to read, and comment, and hopefully enjoy these words that I write.

I would wish for a cuteness parade full of puppies, but this actually happened yesterday! Honest to blog, I almost died.

The Help

Monday, December 13, 2010

Not bad, not bad at all.

Since I've finished exams, I have been obnoxiously busy, but in the nerdliest way....trying to displace Martha Stewart is my ultimate goal. I'm still springing out of bed early every morning, no matter how much I want to sleep in. But! I get so much done!

Like today. I did laundry, made Christmas cookies, started on a nerdly ornament for a friend, did laundry, kept an appointment at the bank......imagine my life if I were to have a minute of free time. I would probably need to be tied down. But all this activity got me thinking about the soundtrack of my current life. Theres two songs on regular rotation in my living room dance party list, and I had the same reaction to both initially - not only did I HATE these songs, they kinda freaked me out. The first one, "Maniacs" by Hawksley Workman.....it made me mad, and I hated it so bad, I wanted to light it on fire. But then it kinda got under my skin. And then I was thinking about it all the time. Then I wanted to hear it again to see if this is what it actually sounded like. And then, I loved it. It was the same basic progression for the second song - "Bird Flu" by M.I.A. Scared the bejesus out of me, I mean this girl is a straight up freak. And now I listen to it at least a few times a week. Funny how that happens hey?

In other news, we had our staff Christmas party a few nights ago, and your friend The Help, won herself a dandy new Nikon camera. And it is a mere THREE SLEEPS til I see my darling again. Sweet kisses, how I have missed thee.

The Help

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Update: My left eyeball continues to go uneaten

I am sick to DEATH of talking about school, so I'm just gonna assume you all are sick of hearing about it. So, even though I have two exams left, I have already begun my Christmas.

I'm listening to a little Wyclef right now (oh, but how I love Wyclef Jean. He should feel unclean with the way I look at him sometimes), most decidedly NOT thinking about school. I'm thinking about the things I'm going to bake. Tomorrow, just a pizza (but from scratch my loves, that's right), but then Saturday, when school is actually done, I'm going to make my signature chocolate chip/butterscotch/pecan cookies. I'm going to make peanut butter cookies, possibly with Hershey's kisses in the middle  - this is entirely dependent on the availability of said kisses, but I'll deal with that when the time comes.

See, I host a party every year, on Christmas Eve. It's become quite an event - I make my own nerdy Christmas singalong books, and we have us a good sing song. Sometimes with dancing. I usually spend about 3 days cooking and baking for this party, but of course, this year, I will be down south until just 2 days before, so I gotta prep early. Cause this year, this is it my friends - I will have Rock Band. Let there be rock!!!

Last year's Christmas Eve blowout lasted until 5:30 in the morning, when I kicked everyone out, as I had to be awake four hours later to make a turkey. Last year was admittedly different - we've had some dear friends move away since last Christmas, and while we're all still in touch, there is definitely a hole where these friends once stood. And last year too, we had THE INTERNATIONALS (always typed and spoken in caps, with jazz hands if at all possible).
Three lovely people, Stephanie, Stelios and Barbara (notice the use of names there? never happens right??) came onto us from Holland (where none of them are from) to study throat singing or drinking or something very important like that. They came here, knowing no one, and stayed with another dear friend, and thus, they were us. Jesus, the drinking. It was amazing. Amazing that everyone survived. I mean, we were basically drunk from Halloween to new years last year. The poor, poor, INTERNATIONALS had no idea what they were getting into when they took up with us...but we didn't just drink. We talked and sang, and danced, and became entwined in each others lives. I have a playlist that Stephanie put together, and this playlist has opened up a world of music to me - this playlist is so peppy and joyful and fun, it began the trend of living room dance parties in my apartment. I am grateful.

Although it's been a year, and I don't know when I'll ever see them again, they are important. We still talk about them at lunch. I still have a picture of us (laughing our asses off of course) next to my tv.

And this, this is why Christmas is awesome.

The Help

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm sure you can hear my screams, where ever you are

Holy Sweet Zombie Jesus, it keeps happening!! I write a blog, and just as I'm about to publish, the internet service goes down the shitter and I lose the whole mess. It is so frigging frustrating. It's come to the point where I'd prefer to pluck out my left eye ball and eat it, rather then continue to lose out like this. Wait a second. If I did indeed pluck out my left eye ball and eat it, I'd probably get a day off right? Excuse me, I must go find an appropriate sized spoon.

So. Less then a week. Less then a week, and I'm done school, and my boss is back in town, thus taking some of my work responsibility off of my shoulders. Thank God. While I do take a certain amount of pride in the things I've gotten done in the last few months, and the last few weeks, I'm on the verge of something here. Something involving screaming and flames, and possibly throwing spears.

I did, however, get my pretty new pretty dress yesterday, and it's so frigging beautiful, it made me want to cry. Fancy night is shaping up to be quite something.

I just gotta get through this week. Four exams, one assignment left....I was doing ok, but then me and chemistry got in a fight and broke up again. I'll figure it out, I always do.

I'm getting so drunk next weekend.

The Help