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Monday, December 13, 2010

Not bad, not bad at all.

Since I've finished exams, I have been obnoxiously busy, but in the nerdliest way....trying to displace Martha Stewart is my ultimate goal. I'm still springing out of bed early every morning, no matter how much I want to sleep in. But! I get so much done!

Like today. I did laundry, made Christmas cookies, started on a nerdly ornament for a friend, did laundry, kept an appointment at the bank......imagine my life if I were to have a minute of free time. I would probably need to be tied down. But all this activity got me thinking about the soundtrack of my current life. Theres two songs on regular rotation in my living room dance party list, and I had the same reaction to both initially - not only did I HATE these songs, they kinda freaked me out. The first one, "Maniacs" by Hawksley Workman.....it made me mad, and I hated it so bad, I wanted to light it on fire. But then it kinda got under my skin. And then I was thinking about it all the time. Then I wanted to hear it again to see if this is what it actually sounded like. And then, I loved it. It was the same basic progression for the second song - "Bird Flu" by M.I.A. Scared the bejesus out of me, I mean this girl is a straight up freak. And now I listen to it at least a few times a week. Funny how that happens hey?

In other news, we had our staff Christmas party a few nights ago, and your friend The Help, won herself a dandy new Nikon camera. And it is a mere THREE SLEEPS til I see my darling again. Sweet kisses, how I have missed thee.

The Help

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