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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holy Crap, ZERO spelling mistakes in this post!

These two days are taking FOREVER. Of frigging course, cause I'm so excited about Thursday, the best day ever, the magical day I head down south. these days are going so slow, I feel like I should be adding days to the calender, not taking away.

So I'm going to tell you some of my Christmas wishes. These are wishes, they don't need to be logical.

1. Sure, sure, peace on earth, good will toward men (and women, and kids, and dogs, and goldfishes)
2. I wish I could paint
3. An awesome pair of shoes (is it asking too much to want shoes with zombies all over 'em?)
4. A disco ball and fog machine in my apartment
5. I want something pretty. Jewelry, not like, a peacock feather. Obviously.
6. The perfect red lipstick
7. Lots of sweet, sweet kisses
8. I wish that everyone I know and love a wealth of health and happiness
9. I wish that you, my dear readers, continue to read, and comment, and hopefully enjoy these words that I write.

I would wish for a cuteness parade full of puppies, but this actually happened yesterday! Honest to blog, I almost died.

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