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Saturday, January 29, 2011

three more days of madness

So I realized today that I haven't written in a while. I've started to write several times in the last 10 days, and gave it up part way through.....I found that all I was doing was complaining. while that may be a little cathartic for me, I'm pretty sure everyone has a whole life of their own and don't need a dose of my moaning on top of it.

I'm almost completely moved, and I spent my first night in my new place last night. I am so blessed - I put out the call, that I needed help, and half of the city showed up to move my junk from one end to the other. Three and a half years of piled up living took about 45 minutes to move. As a payback, I made 2 giant bowls of "drop kick punch" (as my darling named it), utilizing a bottle of gin AND a bottle of vodka. My, my my. We did indeed get silly drunk. We planned on going to the bar that is now downstairs from my new apartment, but we were having such a great time, we stayed in.

I officially begin part time work tomorrow. I love my job, and I'd like to think that I'm good at it, but holy bejesus, I'm so freaking excited to have a little free time. I may break down and get cable (oooOOooohh), though I'm really only interested in the food network. And Glee.

The whole best new blog business did not work out in my favor, but seriously, I was so surprised and elated to even be thought of, I am a genuine happy chappy. To all of the awesomes who voted for me, thank you so much. I came close my friends, I came close. And the most wonderful thing that came about because of this nomination - I mentioned to my parents that I had been nominated. They were quite surprised, as they didn't even know that I was writing a blog....and I had to explain to my dad what a blog is. They are so good, they read every blog I posted in the one sitting, and while they didn't much appreciate my er, florid language, they had very nice things to say about my writing. Who could ask for more then approval from mom and dad?

My dad noted how much my spelling has improved. I'll explain spell check next time.

The Help

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I've been having a really good day. In fact, I've been having a really good couple of days. I still don't know where I'm moving (in 2 weeks, eep!), my man is still far, far away, my bestie still continues to not live here, yet, and still, I've been having a good run.

School is awesome. It's wickedly hard, and lots of work, and way more then last semester, and I love every minute of it. We had one of those golden days today, our instructor was so ON that we all understood what he was talking about and we managed to have a lot of laughs too. I have this one instructor for 4 of my 5 courses, and he is very simply, the shit. I've written about him before, but today he was on top of his game.

It's less then a month until my next vacation and seeing my darling again. As soon as it hit the month mark, it didn't seem so bad. I miss him terribly, but the end is in sight. And today, I added an extra day on to the end of my vacation, and shortly after I get back, he will be moving to Iqaluit.

I've downloaded a zillion new musics from itunes, including "Make Me Lose Control" by Eric Carmen. Who? Eric Carmen of amazing feathered hair 80's fame. this song reminds me of my sister, in the best way, and it reminds me of being on the bus from school when I was in grade 6. Is there anything better then hearing a song that makes me so happy after 20 years? Cheesy? Yes please.

Ok, maybe there's one thing better. I was reading a friends blog today (what up Townie Bastard?) and he's been nominated for best blog in the north (again). So I went to the website to vote for him, and it turns out that your friend, The Help, has been nominated for best new blog! Shut your dirty mouth, what?!?

I wish I could describe how good this feels. Even if you don't vote, or don't vote for me, God love ya for reading. God love ya for making me feel this good.

And if you do feel like voting.....

the Help

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Holy Upheaval Batman

Things are changing for me, and very quickly. In all honesty, it's giving me a flaming case of the screaming heebee jeebees. I'm used to having a plan, knowing exactly what my next step is, but in a zen way, if that makes any sense. Ok, it doesn't.

Part of living here, of existing in this part of the world, is sort of floating along, and letting things happen. Everything is slow, from customer and government services to internet connections. And it doesn't do anyone any good whatsoever to get all huffy about it. It doesn't get the food to your table any faster, or make anyone answer the phone at 2:04 on a Tuesday afternoon. So to a certain extent, I live like this. I'm cool with it, cause it's the easiest thing to be, and because really, it's nice. Everyone is mellow like an outdoor concert, except without the maryjane. For the most part.

So while I do drift along, I worry enough, and I have enough on my plate, that I have to know where I'm at most of the time. This week, I've lost sight of where I'm at, on so many levels. The first and biggest thing - I have decided to drop from management to regular part time at my job. My school schedule is so very much this semester, I couldn't even survive the first week. This is pretty big for me, I feel like I'm cutting off a bit of myself, and giving it away. Because I'm going to part time, I will obviously be making less money, but I also lose my apartment. Technically speaking, I have nowhere to live in three weeks. Enter screaming heebee jeebees.

Of course, I am surrounded by such wonderful people, no one will let me be homeless. I'm on the student housing list, and we all just have to keep our fingers crossed that housing comes up before then. A dear friend just bought a house, and she tells me I can stay there until student housing happens. I am so lucky.

And the last part of this craziness that is my new life, I decided that I needed to supplement my diminishing paycheck - I'm going back to hosting karaoke. Dear sweet baby Jesus, save me from myself.

The karaoke crowd don't know this information yet. Well, now they do. Cue a million "I told you so" postings.

The Help

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Like a drunken phoenix, I too shall rise from the ash

I've had the last three days off of work, and I only had school long enough to collect my schedule on one of those days. Pray tell Help, what did you do with all of that free time? Begin an advanced basket weaving course? Go to mime school? STUDY?? No (though I should reconsider the mime thing on my next days off), I slept. I did the dishes, and other useful things, but on the whole, I slept. I have this insane idea that if I sleep lots before the semester begins, I won't be so dropping tired this semester? Yeah, crazy. I'm ok with that.

In the short time since I last wrote, a great deal has changed for me. Big changes.
I got my new semester schedule a few days ago, and it is so scary, I could feel my brain freeze. I showed my boss my new schedule, and he asked if I had considered going part time (did I mention how scary the schedule is?). So I have 200 new things to think/worry about, a bunch of decisions and scary what-if's....truth told my friends, I'm scared. I'm scared for all the changes that are coming. I'm a world class worrier, and my skills have certainly been put to the test this week.

So lets talk about something else shall we? I saw the second worst movie ever made last night (in the non-zombie category, man, there are some STINKERS in the zombie category), I think it was called "How can you tell" or "how do you know" or some other poorly thought out crappy title. It had possibilities, a good cast etc, but good God, none of these fools were able to finish a sentence, it was exhausting.

A wonderful, dear friend gave me, I shit you not, ZOMBIE SHOES for Christmas. Got 'em in the mail a few days ago. I cannot express the joy.

And tomorrow, it starts again. Wish me luck.

The Help

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

And then it was January

Can you even believe.....
I haven't written in a while, my doves, because of the holiday season. It was a strange holiday for me.....my annual Christmas Eve shin-dig was certainly well attended, but like a lame lamer, I kicked everyone out by midnight. We did rock mightily, and one of my favorite bits from the whole holiday season was a perfect moment in time when it seemed like the whole world was singing "Yellow Submarine" along with everyone at my party. I don't know when the precise moment of my downfall into lameness occurred, but I suspect it has something to do with lingering exhaustion from school. I mean, for god's sake, I was in bed by 1:30 on new years eve. Me!

It's not just tired however. I mistakenly believed that I would behave this Christmas as I have the last several, meaning single. Not the case my friends, not the case. While I was physically single, there was something dear missing from all the festivities. Long distance is hard. Not the fun kind of hard.

The good stuff:
Was spoiled rotten with gifts and cards and love - the farthest being from Malawi.
Worked significantly less hours, and basically sat on my ass (and played rock band) for the last week. It's been quite a shock to the system, this slowing down. I find myself confused often, like there's something I'm supposed to be doing......
Became seriously addicted to my new ipod touch, and some of the new musics I've gotten, honestly, I don't know how I lived before some of it. Two albums I have recently gotten that I strongly recommend - Janelle Monae (girl is a FREAK) and the new Kanye West. I know, I know, dude is a power tool, but my God, this album is insane.

School starts again in a few days. God help us all.

the Help