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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Holy Upheaval Batman

Things are changing for me, and very quickly. In all honesty, it's giving me a flaming case of the screaming heebee jeebees. I'm used to having a plan, knowing exactly what my next step is, but in a zen way, if that makes any sense. Ok, it doesn't.

Part of living here, of existing in this part of the world, is sort of floating along, and letting things happen. Everything is slow, from customer and government services to internet connections. And it doesn't do anyone any good whatsoever to get all huffy about it. It doesn't get the food to your table any faster, or make anyone answer the phone at 2:04 on a Tuesday afternoon. So to a certain extent, I live like this. I'm cool with it, cause it's the easiest thing to be, and because really, it's nice. Everyone is mellow like an outdoor concert, except without the maryjane. For the most part.

So while I do drift along, I worry enough, and I have enough on my plate, that I have to know where I'm at most of the time. This week, I've lost sight of where I'm at, on so many levels. The first and biggest thing - I have decided to drop from management to regular part time at my job. My school schedule is so very much this semester, I couldn't even survive the first week. This is pretty big for me, I feel like I'm cutting off a bit of myself, and giving it away. Because I'm going to part time, I will obviously be making less money, but I also lose my apartment. Technically speaking, I have nowhere to live in three weeks. Enter screaming heebee jeebees.

Of course, I am surrounded by such wonderful people, no one will let me be homeless. I'm on the student housing list, and we all just have to keep our fingers crossed that housing comes up before then. A dear friend just bought a house, and she tells me I can stay there until student housing happens. I am so lucky.

And the last part of this craziness that is my new life, I decided that I needed to supplement my diminishing paycheck - I'm going back to hosting karaoke. Dear sweet baby Jesus, save me from myself.

The karaoke crowd don't know this information yet. Well, now they do. Cue a million "I told you so" postings.

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