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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Like a drunken phoenix, I too shall rise from the ash

I've had the last three days off of work, and I only had school long enough to collect my schedule on one of those days. Pray tell Help, what did you do with all of that free time? Begin an advanced basket weaving course? Go to mime school? STUDY?? No (though I should reconsider the mime thing on my next days off), I slept. I did the dishes, and other useful things, but on the whole, I slept. I have this insane idea that if I sleep lots before the semester begins, I won't be so dropping tired this semester? Yeah, crazy. I'm ok with that.

In the short time since I last wrote, a great deal has changed for me. Big changes.
I got my new semester schedule a few days ago, and it is so scary, I could feel my brain freeze. I showed my boss my new schedule, and he asked if I had considered going part time (did I mention how scary the schedule is?). So I have 200 new things to think/worry about, a bunch of decisions and scary what-if's....truth told my friends, I'm scared. I'm scared for all the changes that are coming. I'm a world class worrier, and my skills have certainly been put to the test this week.

So lets talk about something else shall we? I saw the second worst movie ever made last night (in the non-zombie category, man, there are some STINKERS in the zombie category), I think it was called "How can you tell" or "how do you know" or some other poorly thought out crappy title. It had possibilities, a good cast etc, but good God, none of these fools were able to finish a sentence, it was exhausting.

A wonderful, dear friend gave me, I shit you not, ZOMBIE SHOES for Christmas. Got 'em in the mail a few days ago. I cannot express the joy.

And tomorrow, it starts again. Wish me luck.

The Help

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