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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Make Ye Merry (now with Jello shooters!)

So I got back from my vacation 2 days ago. It was a crazy whirlwind of friends, family and shopping. Just a whirl of wind. I had a wonderful time, met lots of people, and spent the equivalent of a small country's national debt.

Some highlights: my man's truck broke down within an hour of my arrival, and so I met his ENTIRE FAMILY with no prep time. I still reeked like airplane, and in this one rare instance, your friend the Help turned into a shy little girl, it was crazy. I was seriously intimidated, so I basically kept my trap shut. Which of course, scared the bejesus out of anyone who knows me.

I went to a church thing for kids in Perth, just as a tag-along, and as soon as I arrived, this sweet little autistic boy picked me out of the crowd and we spent some awesome time together, making each other laugh. I just fell in love with this little boy, and it was pretty clear that he was delighted with me too (he tried to follow me to the car when I left). This little guy kinda made my Christmas.

Fancy night was everything any of us could have hoped for.

Every shopping place was a FREAKING ZOO and everyone was all up in each others personal space, and everyone was all frowny and grumbly - except for me of course. I was so delighted to be there, and to shop, and see all the lights and babies, and hear the Christmas music......

I'm sad to be back, for sure. I miss my friends already, I miss my man. At the same time, I'm glad to be home. I love Christmas in the north. I have the tackiest Christmas tree ever, and I love being surrounded by friends. I miss my family, and there are moments I wish I was with them, but I wouldn't trade my life here for anything. This year, we play rock band.

I hope you all have yourselves a merry little Christmas. I hope you have a giant turkey, and plentiful gifts. I hope you laugh to crying at least once this season. I hope you dance with someone you love. I hope you get glitter in your hair.

Merry Christmas my friends.

The Help

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