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Thursday, October 21, 2010

And now for something completely different

We had psychology class today, and our instructor brought in a speaker, a psychologist who lives and works in the neighbourhood. Dude uses HYPNOTHERAPY. I went and got hypnotized out of it, for serious!

I should say before I tell you about this, I thought up until this morning, that hypnosis was a joke. I've gone to see several entertainment style hypnotists, and I was never able to go under, cause every time I was thinking  "ha ha, you're not going to make ME squawk like a chicken Chuckles", and I would always be sent back to my seat to watch everyone left on stage humiliate themselves.

You can imagine what I thought of hypnotherapy (quack, quack). But he explained a bunch of different ways that every one's minds work, and proved it over and over in these little group exercises, it was wild. And then he told us he was going to hypnotize us all. Alriiiiiiight.

So he turned on some hippie, earthy, chimy music, and started with the process. It sounded exactly like you think it would, just like in the movies. So he's leading us down, down, and all I can think is - this isn't working. Then I realised I couldn't raise my hand off of my lap. My head was tipped forward so far, I practically had my forehead on my desk. So then I decided to just frig off with the thinking and roll with it. What an experience! I remember every moment. Every time my thoughts started to run away again, I would repeat "calm and relaxed" and every time I thought this, it was like another blind being drawn, and my mind got darker. Craziness!

He told us to picture some place that makes us happy, and my first thought was my bed (a true testament to how tired I am) - my bed is my one concession to fancy house stuff, my sheets, my pillows, they are all super fancy (meaning expensive) with embroidery, and I could FEEL the embroidery against my cheek. I could feel it. And then he told us to picture someone bringing us our favorite fruit, and I could smell mangos. My mouth watered, and I tried to bite down.

He didn't try and make any of us dance around or make sweet love to our desks. A little while later, he brought us back, and he repeated over and over how we should be feeling relaxed and refreshed and happy when we woke up. When I woke up, I found I was crying - not actually crying, but tears running down my face. My eyes were all puffy like I had slept for 10 hours. I felt like I had slept for three days, and well, I kind felt like I was on drugs.

I FEEL AWESOME! Like my brain totally took his word for it, and tricked my body into thinking that I'm not tired. I don't feel even a little bit tired. I feel totally relaxed and happy, it's amazing.

Of course, I asked him to move in, but he didn't seem that into it.

Imagine feeling like this all the time? I had a midterm today, and I wasn't stressed about it, or during it. I still feel all stretchy and happy and chill.

Long story short (too late) I'm a believer.

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