What are you Doing?!?

Shouldn't you be working right now?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Several of my friends have recently mentioned the fact that I never do anything anymore. It is so true. I really miss my old life sometimes. But it's midterms, and I gotta keep my average up, and beyond all of that theres days I don't have time to shower, let alone be a social butterfly. But I miss it.

I did some calculations, and it turns out that in the last 8 weeks, I've had exactly three days without either work or school. There's been lots of days with one or the other, but only three without both. IN EIGHT WEEKS. I think we should all consider ourselves lucky that I haven't lit anyone on fire (don't think I haven't thought about it, oh no, I'm just biding my time, mwahahahaha). And considering this, I'm doing pretty good you know. My grades are still good, I haven't told any idiots what idiots they are, my man is still my man......there's defiantly some downfalls though. I sat and bawled like a little girl yesterday, because I was just so tired, I couldn't comprehend the idea of getting up and giving a presentation after just finishing a midterm, and then going in to work for 8 hours. But the girls in my class rallied around me, I gave the presentation (and got 100% on it) and got in to work, acting like nothing ever happened. My fella gave me the greatest pep talk, and reminded me of how soon this vacation is coming. I am so blessed.

I would like to apologise to everyone for my disappearance, it's not a lack of love my darlings, it's a lack of hours. I'm sorry to all the people who I've not had the time to email (Miss C, my weensy lawyer friend, I love you). I want to thank the Choiring Squad for making my life.

For the love of God, go hug a nurse, they went through hell for you. And if you want your throat to go un-punched, don't tell me I look tired.

The Help

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