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Sunday, October 3, 2010

My day, so far.

So I woke up to go to work this morning, and the power was out. Fine. I didn't take a shower, cause I didn't want to die in the black hole that is my unlit bathroom.

I get in to work, get yelled at cause of the front door. No power.

I open the office, even though the phone doesn't work, and I'm sitting in a dark office by myself.

All the alarms that go off when the power goes out are buzzing to let me know over and over that the power is out. At least they're doing their job.

I create awesome percussion pieces on my desk, using the ticking of the clock as my back beat.

I get yelled at for the power being out (obviously I work for the power company too).

I get asked 416 times when the power will be back on (again, I don't work at the power company).

I get yelled at because restaurants in the city aren't open (cause I run all the restaurants as well). In the restaurants defense - it's extremely difficult to COOK WITHOUT POWER.

Unconnected to the power being out, I got yelled at because cabs charge people money for driving them places. I wish I was making this up.

And then, after almost three hours of alternately sitting in the dark and getting yelled at, the power came back on. Oh darling power, how I missed you.

These people would all be screwed if it were the zompocolypse.

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  1. you should just hand your your idiot series to all the people who enter the hotel. tab the pages that mention staying at a hotel in case they can't find it when reading and thus preventing them from yelling at you. again.
    heh who am i kidding... they'll yell at you anyways cause they're just that rude and idiotic.