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Friday, October 8, 2010

My theme song

It's by Buck Cherry, and thats all I'm gonna say about that.

I found out today that I have Sunday AND Monday off. Both school AND work. Like seriously, I think I'm just gonna spend those two days wasted. I deserve it right? And further to that, my fella has the SAME two days off. We have never had two days off together before. Either we shall have the best time ever, or we'll end up killing each other. I am now accepting bets as to which it's gonna be (odds heavily in favor of most wonderful, most epic two days ever).

Not really folks, swears. Oh, I'm gonna get drunk, for shizz, but I'll have sober moments in between. Just cause I have a few days off, doesn't mean I can stop studying....I'm already shocked and slightly alarmed at how much I've forgotten so far this semester. But I won't moan about school today, as my average is offensively high right now.

Plus, choir night Monday. How I delight in choir, it makes me so happy. You should hear the mash up we've got cooking at the moment, y'all are gonna die if you ever hear it. I'm not going to give anything away, suffice it to say, we do a great deal of stuff that we probably shouldn't. Alright a little teaser - Led Zepplin is involved in one half of the mash up. Squeeee!!!

Very recently, and good friend's lady friend moved to town, and I can't tell you how this has changed things for me. Up until now, I was forever the lone taco at every sausage fest. I don't know who I felt worse for - all the sausage's, cause I was their only eye candy (MY EYES MY EYES!! THEY BURN!!!!), or the fact that I haven't had a lady friend to shake my head and say "dudes" with when the dudes were acting like dudes. No longer my friends - my darling miss, you know who you are, I am thankful for your arrival.

Other things I am thankful for: Jack Daniels, snow days, Rock Band, beads, new shower heads (heh, perv), the Beatles, sharp cheddar cheese, Dave Chapelle, jello shooters, BACON, Friday nights.

The Help

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