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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let's have a word

We all know how I feel about idiots. No matter where you go, what you do, how much education you have, how kind you are, what God you believe or don't believe in, there's always gonna be idiots. This is something that I have resigned myself to in my few "adult" years. I hope and pray that most days I'm not one. I know that no matter how much I hope and pray, there's days, I'm an idiot.

Arrrrg, I can't even do it, I'm too tired. Stop being an idiot, and I'll try and do the same k? Teach you're kids respect. Try to stop tearing people down. Hold people accountable for their actions. Be accountable for your own actions. Remember that you ARE NOT the only person in the world, and certainly not the first to go through whatever you are going through. Be nice. Stop making gay jokes, and fat jokes and race jokes, cause even though no one is saying it out loud, you are hurting someone. Every now and again, shut your trap and have a listen to someone else's opinion. Stop buying records and movies tickets of girlfriend beaters and racists.

I'm sorry. I know I'm usually perky, and don't climb up on a soap box, but this stuff is just killing me. The kids killing themselves because of homophobia and bullying, the women being beaten into silence, the rape victims being villinized for getting drunk like everybody else, the beautiful women who hurt themselves to look like everyone else. It breaks my heart.

Maybe I'm just exhausted, so things have been hitting a little harder then usual. I promise, tomorrow, I will write something a little frothier, a little more me. Today, I'm just tired and sad, and a little ashamed of us all.

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