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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Guess what I got the weekend? An xbox. Ruh-Roh indeed.

Ok well, it's kinda hilarious, it's a "gift" for "me", but I haven't actually used it, and I won't until at least Christmas (when I get Rock Band, and THEN look out), but don't worry folks, the xbox hasn't been sitting in a lonely corner collecting dust. My wonderful boyfriend has been keeping it company, keeping it entertained if you will, for the last few days playing Fallout, or Fallin or Fallover or something. I've never owned a gaming system before, and besides Rock Band, the last video game I played was super mario brothers in grade 7. And I was pretty bad at that. But Rock Band, I'm all over, like bacteria (can you tell what I've been up to lately?)

I may have been studying a bit as well. I also got myself a whiteboard over the weekend, and my fella installed it on a wall in my apartment for me.....apparently I'm like a nerd in the movies - headphones on, scribbling on/staring at a white board, muttering to myself about sciencey things. Throwing papers around like confetti when I've memorized something. If this is what the next four years are going to be like (and maybe more, but we'll talk about that later), I shake my head in pity for you all. I alternate between studying with ferocity to being a gibbering mess.......3 and a half years to go!! Whoo-hooo!!!

Good news! Just over a month til my vacation and SHOPPING (I'm gonna build a bear, yeah, you heard me). I've still got an A+ average. I got many sweet kisses today.

All in all, shit's ok.

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