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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On the Sunny side

Things aren't so murky and dark now, thank goodness. Well, it's dark out, but....oh, never mind.

Date night was lovely, hen night was lovely, and holy God, the amount of wine imbibed over those two nights....I cannot confirm or deny, but I may have had a slightly drunken adventure in Ventures on Sunday night (Ventures is one of the two general/grocery stores). It was fun actually (if it did indeed happen), we spent a bunch of time playing with the neat-o toys that appear every Christmas, and like a good girl, I did NOT set off 14 dancing Santa's that played a tinny version of "Jingle Bells". The store clerk did though, and even though I did not know her, I made fun of her for it, and we had a grand laugh. Or didn't.

A month from today my pretties, a month from today, I will be on vacation. A month from right now, I will presumably have a drink in hand somewheres, without a care in the world. Just need to get through those pesky intervening 4 weeks.

School was cancelled again today. I literally haven't had a class since last Wednesday. Whereas at first, it was kind of fun, now it's getting to the point where I'm afraid I'm forgetting things. I guess I need a reassuring level of stress, or I get stressed. How's that for confusing? My poor, poor boyfriend.

Bought myself a fancy-schmancy dress today. On line of course, so I won't see it for several weeks, as it's coming from California, but buying that frivolous pretty thing lifted my heart to new heights.

This evening a good friend and I begun planning of an Iron Chef styles cook off. We are both insanely excited now, there is nothing more fun then showing off for your peeps in the kitchen, and we delight in showing off for each other. I've been feverishly clicking through this giant cookbook lovingly referred to as the interweb, and oh, my. I believe I'll be making a spicy pork tenderloin in a caramel sauce. Feel free to be jealous.

I heard from a dear friend today, one whom I'll be seeing in a month. Things are looking up.

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