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Saturday, November 13, 2010

City-wide Insanity, Part deux

Cause it sounds sexier in french, non?

First of all, I wrote a giant entry yesterday, only to have the kick ass internet crap out before publishing, and because I was in that hazy space between saving and publishing, NEITHER happened. Which was awesome. Really. Awesome.

I'm not gonna try and re-live yesterday's blog, cause I don't remember a greater chunk of it, and I'm in a relatively better mood then I was yesterday anyway. It's been a weird couple of days my friends.

Those of you who know me, know that I'm I'm a horror movie fanatic - zombies in particular, but I'll take anything really, as long as it's actually scary and not a people horror. Does that make sense? No? Ok, here's the thing. Zombies aren't real, and they have no working brains, so the nasty things that they get on with don't scare me. Ghosts, ghouls, witches etc, none of them scare me (not because I doubt their existence as such, probs much more because I'm far too boring to ever have a real life frightening encounter). The horror movies that I don't like are the ones where people are the freaks, and doing other stuff to people (example those Saw movies. eeesh), and this is because it's totally believable that people are freaks, cause people are freaks.

So bearing this in mind, I went to see Paranormal Activity 2 a few nights ago. When I went to see the first one, someone told me it was the scariest thing they'd ever seen, so I obviously called them a wussy (not quite that word, but it rhymes) and said I would go see it for myself, and tell them what was what with scary stuff. I was so wrong. I actually cried, I was so scared. Kept a friend up all night cause I was too scared to go to sleep. For reals.

I was eagerly anticipating the sequel. Or first attempt, the movie was sold out. So we tried again a few nights ago, and managed to score some tickets, got our popcorn, and sat in wait. When the movie began, it played for a few minutes, then the power went out. When the lights came back on, the system needed to re-boot. This happened four times. Then we got about 45 minutes into the movie, things are starting to get good, then the power went again. This time the owner of the theatre came and told us they wouldn't be starting it up again as the entire city was without power now. Reeealllly.

My fella and I head outside, and it's frigging anarchy! Sleet is fallin sideways and landing/sticking as ice, the whole city is dark, there are cars gone off the road (some in a big way) and there aren't enough cabs to go around. When we finally did get a cab back to our very dark building we found that our phones were almost dead, with no way to re-charge them. Awesome.

On the good news angle, for some reason, all the schools (including mine) were shut down yesterday, which was like manna from figging heaven cause this gave us nursing types a few extra days to study for a dreaded exam. The weird thing is, though it was snowing, it was quite nice out.

On to the bad news. I gave up my choir yesterday. It completely broke my heart, just telling them was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. But something had to give, and I've got no give left. It's not just the exhaustion, there were a lot of factors at play, and I've got no coping mechanisms left. To my dear Choiring Squad, you have made my life. Maybe if things calm down in my work or personal life, we can start up again, but until then.....

My fella got his plane ticket this week. So, two weeks from tomorrow, he goes home. I'm really happy for him, he's been pretty home sick, and if there is anyone who is as tired as I am, it is him. He needs the break. And while I understand all of these things, I'm still sad. I will miss him dearly. I get a little hitch in my throat whenever I think about it for too long.

That is all for today my darling dears. I hope your lives are stress and insanity free. I hope you have a warm jacket.

The Help

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