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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Great Facebook Debate

Raise your hand if you hate facebook. No one is going to judge you (out loud) if you love it, but my goodness, I'm sick to death of it. The people forever moaning in their statuses, or worse, quoting one of those angsty teen girl songs. And what fresh hell is this? Timeline? I don't want it! Leave me alone facebook, why do you continuously fix things that ain't broke??

I remember in the early halceon days of facebook, when it was still a novelty, seeing on a "friend's" (who I barely know) status: "Amy (name changed) kissed a girl and she liked it, the taste of her cherry chapstick", and I am so uncool, I had never heard the song, so my first thought was, hey, good for you, experimenting in lesbianism. Sigh, so deeply uncool.

I follow people who I find interesting, or who have adorable children (that may be my biological clock making that call). I keep in touch with a few friends from home, and some family too, but mostly I use facebook as a vehicle for people to easily read my blog. Like, thats it. How very narcissitic of me, I know.

I hate the drama that comes along with facebook. I used to say that facebook didn't cause drama, people did, and it was just a medium for revealing said drama. I don't buy that anymore.

So many people use facebook to get back at someone. To announce to the world how unhappy they are. To use the relative lack of privacy against others. To bitch and bitch and bitch.....it stresses me out man.
I know, you can block people's statuses from your feed, but I'm down to like 3 people now, cause everyone was pissing me off and/or making me sad.

So what do I do? Stop visiting? I don't really go on that often anymore (which in turn pisses people off because I don't get back to them fast enough for their liking).  Cut the people who drive me to drink? I know, for sure, that doing such a thing would create more drama. Shut it down? While I don't actually go on that much, I still live very far from my friends and family......it's frustrating non?

The great debate; unsettled.

The Help


  1. Hi. My name is JOshua and I'm looking to find Jenny Gear and the Whiskey Kittens cd. I have searched literally EVERYWHERE. I have facebook Jenny myself (with no answer), have searched itunes, amazon, hmv, even emailed indie stores in newfoundland (i live in edmonton) and noone has a copy. i noticed in one of your post that you have the cd and love it.. was wondering if you would be able/willing to burn me a copy and/or email me a rip version of the album? PLEASEEEEE!!!! my email is joshthomas@live.ca (you can also facebook me by searching that email too) - help a fellow newfie?? please!! thanks!

    1. Oh my god, of course! Lemme see if I can find it today....if not, I'll give Jenny a call and see where it can be gotten. Have you tried Fred's Records downtown? I'm prettty sure I saw it there the last time I went home.....

    2. I ordered mine from 'Fred's online and it came straight to my door!

  2. I have emailed several stores in newfoundland and they all say that it's outta print. i have even emailed 'east coast' music stores, and they all have nothing available. it's getting depressing- especially today, i spent 5 hours going all over edmonton to find it or at least order it somewhere. please please PLEASE help me...

    1. sorry.. it's me Joshua again. haha!

  3. Any luck on the album?? Please