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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The dark side

Nope, there's not even any cookies.

I'm in a mood here today, some might even say a pissy mood. If you don't want to hear about it, or are gonna judge me for it, please, feel free to stop reading.

This mood is for a couple of reasons - I couldn't sleep again last night, my finger hurts totally bad, and I'm having one of those days where I HATE living here.

A list:
1. The one movie theatre is shut down. I have heard of two reasons for this, and I believe both. Reason 1. so few people turned up to the crappy selection of Saturday night movies, the proprietor had a tantrum and shut 'er down (this has happened before, in my tenure in this city). Reason 2. Apparently a movie theatre owner in Yellowknife tattled to whomever regulates movie theatre viewings that "The Iron Lady" wasn't playing in enough time slots, and see above re: tantrum. The reason behind the shut down is not my concern. My concern is that we, as grown ups have 2 options - bars or movies. I don't have the emotional energy for bars these days.

2. There's this tradition here, that artists/carvers/seamstresses can go table to table at restaurants and in hotel lobbys etc to sell their wares. Most of the time, I think this is good - it cuts out the middle man, and the artist gets all the money instead of a chunk of profit, plus you get your pick of interesting and beautiful art. Wonderful. Maybe I'm a bad guy, but I would LOVE to have one meal that isn't interrupted every three minutes. I know, I know, it's tradition, who am I etc.....I'm tired is who I am. Just today, for example, I was having lunch with my darling, and I surprised us both by breaking down crying during a conversation we were having. And still, sitting there with tears running down my face, there is a man trying to convince me to buy his carving. Just give me five minutes man. Just give me a break. Please.

3. Sometimes you wanna go where NO ONE knows your name. Just yesterday, I had a bit of a runaround. A good, dear friend wrote a congratulations in his blog to some friends who had recently gotten engaged. The wording was a little mixed up, so it sounded like he was congratulating ME on getting engaged. Minor mistake right? Small stuff. Yes, true, small stuff, except I had no less then SIXTEEN people call/text/email about it. Some were quite upset that they had found out via electronic medium that I was getting married. I am not getting married. At least not that I'm aware of (and that seems like sometime I would be aware of). Poor, dear friend was mortified.

Theres more, like a lack of bookstores or make-up counters, no place to hold a dear friend's stagette, but those are the big ones. The movie theatre shutting is a devastating blow.

I need a drink.

The Help


  1. Tradition or not, I can't stand when people try to sell me something at a restaurant. I can't believe the owners let them come in. I can't imagine they don't have a huge list of complaints from patrons not wanting their dinner conversation interrupted.

    I love buying directly from the artists but there's a time and a place.

    Sorry you're having a hard day. Hope tomorrow is a better one.

  2. At a previous workplace, someone who had quit years back got engaged and the word went out, "MyName" was getting married! At work one day, everybody kept sidling up to me with "I heard your news...." "Congraaattuuuulaaattiooons" and so on for the whole shift. I have news? Finally someone filled me in that I was getting married. When I started telling people I wasn't, you'd think the bastard, whoever he was, had left me at the altar.

    Then, when "Myname" got married, she invited everyone to the dance part of the reception, but the casual invite posted didn't have her last name on it. I wrote on it that it was "Oldmyname" and not me, as half the staff had never known her. Can you imagine if they showed up at "my" reception and saw someone else running around in my dress?