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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Aaaa, March in the North

So after writing that moany moany (heh, I just realised what I did there. It stays) post the other day, I had several friends text and email, commiserating with me my misery. It's like I forget this time every year.

It happens in our fair city every year around this time. People are SICK TO DEATH of winter and start getting a little frayed around the edges. See for us, there has been significant snow on the ground for 7 months. It has been hovering around -40 to -50 for about three months. A lot of people have about hit their limit, and it's starting to show.

But soon, soon, we will have the sun all night  long, and people will be able to take their parkas off. Soon we'll be able to walk around without fear of our skin freezing in chunks. Take heart my friends, we're almost there.

Every year in April, around my birthday, I throw this party, called the Messy Dressy. Every year, I'm completely blown away by how many people show up, and how thoroughly people participate. Last year I stopped counting at 70 people in dresses and suits, and there is always a flurry of emails when the date gets announced.

I do not fool myself into thinking that it's because of my birthday - it's because around the time that the Messy Dressy happens each year, people need an out. Ladies need a reason to shave their legs, dudes, a reason to shave their beards. It is such a pleasure to see everyone in their finery, forgetting about work and school and coming together in the oldest way known to man - drinking our faces off.

Also, and most importantly, I have a sparkly dress.

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