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Saturday, March 24, 2012

A blog o' lists

But first, for the second time in TWO WEEKS, your friend the help, has gone out, and drank herself silly. I had a dear friend's stagette last night, and dear god. I mean, the penis talk. And now today, I am paying. I'm paying and paying.

Worth it.

So in  my hungover haze, I decided to undertake a giant undertaking - organize and clean my dvd collection. For the first time ever, my dvds are in alphabetical order. Yeah, I have around 400 dvds. To the lists!

Top Ten Favorite Movies of All Time: (in no particular order)
Dawn of the Dead (2004)
Shawn of the Dead
Batman (1989)
Love Actually
Across the Universe
Children of Men
Dirty Dancing
The Fifth Element
A Mighty Wind

My Top Fave I-don't care-that-you-hate-'em movies:
The Happening
Run Fatboy Run
Shall We Dance
Shoot 'Em Up
What Happens in Vegas
The Proposal

Movies I can't believe I own:
Norbit (could't even finish watching it. I may be too smart)
The Rocker (I mean, good god)
Wayne's World 2
Trick r Treat (Just TERRIBLE)
Vantage Point (I'm so ashamed)
I now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry (why is Adam Sandler still allowed to make movies?)
Jennifer's body
Knight and Day (no excuses)
The Lake House (a gift, swears)

Top Under-Appreciated Movies:
The Waitress
The Losers (funny and explody)
The Replacements
Charlie Bartlett
Bottle Shock

The Old School List:
Empire records
The Goonies
Almost Famous
Bring it On (shut up)
Clue (for real, watch it again as a grown up)

I could also do a top zombie movie list, a top horror movie list and a top musicals list, but this is enough for today. Plus my computer is almost dead.

Notice the almost complete lack of drama flicks? I hate 'em. I think life is too short.

The Help


  1. I like the lists! Although...I actually kinda liked The Lake House. I can actually watch Sandra Bullock in anything. I even watched Miss Congeniality two (I know, for shame). As for zombie movies...any love for 28 Days Later? I think it's my fave.


  2. LOVE 28 Days Later, it's like an art house zombie flivk. S'wonderful.

    I forgot The Princess Bride. For shame!