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Thursday, February 16, 2012

We need to talk

What the f-ing F is up with everyone and their sitcom sister saying "wow factor"? Like, what? Where did this come from, and why in God's name, why???

I don't know why it grates on my so, but Lord have mercy, quit it! Commercials; "Now, that's what I call the wow factor", stupid storage wars (which I completely loved for approximately 47 seconds, then I was SO over it), my beloved Say Yes to the Dress (don't judge me, at least I've gotten over bawling like a little girl every time one of the women says yes).

We need to shut this down people. Who in the world wants to sound like Darryl from Storage Wars (yuuuuuuuuuup)? We should, together, aim to sound like Tina Fey, or Lewis Black or even frigging Maury Povich.

I'll wow your factor in a minute.

In other news, it turns out that my first love, Wheels from Degrassi, kicked it. Five years ago. How is it that I know from minute to minute how many lawsuits Lindsay Lohan has against her, yet we don't know it when a Canadian Legend (in my mind) buys the farm? Ah Wheels, we hardly knew ye.

I met him once, when I was like 12. I was in such an awestruck love haze, your friend The Help was unable to speak in his presence. True story.

The Help

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  1. I know, so strange that they announce it now. I loved him and all the Degrassi gang!