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Monday, February 13, 2012

Hearts, Cupid and etc.

Do you believe in Valentine's Day? Well, I suppose that's the wrong way to pose the question, cause the day exists whether we believe or not. I guess what I'm really asking is, do you celebrate? Is it important to you?

Many moons ago, when I was working on my first degree (a very profitable double major of folklore and English) I did a little paper on Valentine's day, had a look back at the history of, the things people do, that kind of thing. I also did a survey of about 60 people, asking what they did, and if they knew the story of Valentine's day. Turned out that not one person knew why, but they all celebrated, by purchasing gifts or cards. Even the people who didn't celebrate, celebrated in some way (me and some friends used to have an anti-valentines - horror movies and cake in the shape of a broken heart).

This year is the first Valentine's for my darling and me. Last year he was in Ontario whilst I was here in Nunavut, and the funny thing is, it turns out we both feel the same way about the day. That it's pretty much foolishness.

We still gave each other gifts, but really, it was because we enjoy giving each other gifts. My darling gave me an ice cream maker. Boom. I'm currently eating my first ever batch of ice cream, raspberry chocolate. I am going to get so much fatter.

Here is a list of things we're going to do tomorrow, for Valentine's day:

4. Eat schwarma. Seems like a good tradition to me.
3. Eat the second ever batch of ice cream (that would be triple chocolate. yes, you should be jealous).
2. NOT give each other $9 cards from northmart.
1. Watch a series of particularly gory zombie flicks.


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  1. I've heard it called a "Hallmark holiday" cause Hallmark sells lots of cards that day.

    Enjoy your day however you decide celebrate it.