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Friday, November 30, 2012

A Blog o Lists

It's been a while since a blog of lists, so I'm gonna tell you about the stuff that I'm obsessed with lately. Here we go!

TV shows:

Big Bang Theory and Modern Family, of course.

Walking Dead, of course. Twice. I mean good God. I get so involved, I strenuously enjoy arguing with the plot and assassinating the idiot characters. plus; zombies. What up.

Top Gear. It's a British car show. Who'da thunk? They're zarking hilarious AND I get to freak people out with surprising car knowledge. I sure don't look like a gear head.

Don't even talk to me about Top Chef. If there was such a thing as chef baseball cards, I'd have 'em all.

Say Yes to the Dress. don't judge me, it's all kinds of feel good. Shut up, I don't cry.

Music (songs):

Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men
Somebody I used to Know - Gotye (pronounced Goat-ee-a, I've learned) - have you seen that crazy video with the 5 people and the one guitar doing this song? I was so baffled and jealous. Talented jerks.
No Church in the Wild - Kanye and Jay-Z (I know. I KNOW.)
I Gots to get Paid - ZZ Top (What? ZZ Top?)

Web Stuff:

PINTEREST! For really reals, this is my new fave. Screw facebook, I spend days on pinterest.com

www.postsecret.com. It's sad and lovely, and devastating, and so refreshingly real.

That's all I can think of for now.

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  1. Love Big Bang, I think its the best comedy to come around in years. Top gear is awesome too. If you haven't seen the one where they "build" RV's,
    youtube it. It's a scream.

    Dave H