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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Let me Tell you a Story

I am the luckiest. I had the best Christmas ever.

Our Christmas day plan was this - get up early, put this breakfast casserole thing I made in the oven, go to my friend Sarah's place and open gifts with their daughter, and have some breakfast. I thought we were bringing our gifts to each other to the friend's place, and then open the stockings and other gifts when we got back.

When we up, my darling said that we should open our stockings before we go. I was so confused, I couldn't figure out why the fuss over the stockings - like, I had put pens and socks in his stocking.

But then my fella put a coffee with bailey's in it in front of me (what up day drinking?), and handed me my stocking. Very good, I'll open it, and he was opening his at the same time.

The very last thing, in the toe, was a black velvet box. Never has anyone ever opened a box so fast as I did. Inside was my dream ring.....I had showed it to my girl Sarah months before and she took care of it. That is a good friend right there.

He asked me to marry him. I don't remember the exact words (he could have called me by the wrong name and I wouldn't have heard it), but the important part is, he asked me to marry him. I'm getting married!!!

I have cried on average three times a day since. Usually happy crying, but sometimes sad; when I think about the people who won't be there like his dad, or my friend Michael....but mostly I'm so insanely happy, it has literally kept me up at night.

I had no idea it was coming. My friend Sarah, who co-ordinated the whole effort, was getting a vacuum, and I was TERRIFIED that I was also getting a vacuum (in which case some of us may have been single by Christmas night).

It was one of those situations, everyone knew but me. He asked my parents for their blessing before proposing, which I am so glad of. I am so grateful for his thoughtfulness. That will probably be the only traditional part of our marriage, let me tell you.

Big changes are coming my friends.

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  1. Congrats...what an awesome gift. Wishing you two a lifetime of happiness! :) Sarah