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Monday, January 14, 2013

I have been engaged for almost three weeks, and the planning has been so fun. I'm a super, hyper organized person, so this opportunity to create news lists, and lists for my lists, Oh! The joy. I manage to out-dork myself on a daily. I just hope my darling will still want to get married by the time our wedding day comes.

Man oh man alive, people are nuts. Two things: wedding costs and the guest list.

It's like, as soon as people hear the word "wedding" people go, DING! I'ma cut you and take all your money. I looked at photogaphers, for example. The cheapest one was in the arena of 2 grand, and thats the base. And with that price of a fairly crappy used car, you get a photographer for 6-8 hours and 800 to 1200 photos. What?? What would I ever do with 1200 photos? I'm not gonna lie, I'd get bored after picture number 26, so the other 1174 photos would not only be a waste, but where in God's name would I even shove 1200 photos?

And then theres the guest list. I can hear you already - Dear Help, why oh why are you worying about the guest list? You're wedding is 17 months away! I promise the guest list is an early and important list. So I've learned.

What I find hilarious, is the people who assume they'e going to be invited, and say as such. Here's what it is:

1. If I don't know your last name, you are not coming to my wedding.
2. If you don't know MY last name (or my darling's), you are not coming to my wedding.
3. If we can't even be bothered to be facebook friends (a social media I'm not even sure why I bother with anymore), you are not coming to my wedding.
4. No ex's. Jesus in a jar people!
5. If it's been more then a year since we've hung out or been in touch, you are not coming to my wedding.

You can get all these guest list helpful hints and such on pinterest.....I read one, and then I threw it out. I'm forming my own rules, which will include the above, and the one other, most impotant rule - this one day is about me and my darling, no one else. We will invite who we love and who we want to party with on the best day ever. We will not accept guilt or bad attitudes about it.

And it feels SO GOOD.

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