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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hi guys

I know it's probably the time of year/semester (the last two weeks), but Sweet Jesus on a stick, I am sick to death of school. It's not just me right? I think it's everyone, well, every student. Staring longingly at Christmas decorations, pushing off plans in order to study for finals......le sigh.

So let us focus on the positives my friends, enough of this droopy drawers moaning! Positive thing the first: I am finished Christmas shopping! I on-line window shopped, had everything ready and then did it all in one fell swoop on black Friday. Wonderful!

Thing the second; I have almost paid off my Christmas purchases. Now I'm just talkin crazy, I know - $200 more dollars and my Christmas debt is gone. Not too shabby.

The big craft fair was this past weekend, and as always, I went with my beaded pretties. It was so wonderful to see friends, and all the children and babies, and to see everyone so excited for Christmas. While I didn't do great sales-wise, I had lots of fun.

Positive thing the third: remember how I failed a course this time last year? This year, so far, I'm actually passing this course. It's a very strange feeling for me. Not to be passing, but to be happy about passing. My grades are generally pretty good, so it's been a stiff shock, being SHIT HAPPY about a pass. My final exam for this course is on the 12th, and if you have any love in your heart for your poor beleaguered friend, you'll pray for me.

 Or whatever you do, I'm an equal opportunity accepter of good will.

In other news, I ordered a T-Pain mic for myself last night. My darling should probably be terrified of the noise potential for this purchase. Oh there will be auto tuning of every Christmas carol known to man. Oh yes.

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