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Monday, March 11, 2013

No day like snow day

Like today. My my, the vantage point that my new living room window has afforded me it quite something. Well nothing really. Can't see past the building. Snow!
These days, snow days are all the more enjoyable cause I don't have to do any homework. Is this what normal life is like? We are currently enjoying a Simon Pegg marathon.

My darling and I have moved in the last few days. Again. I f-ing hate moving. There are some awesome things in our new place (like space, a dishwasher, and a view of something other than a sketchy parking lot) that have made the move worth our while, however, I still spent the last week or so on the useless side of useless.

Thankfully my darling has done the lion's share of the work. I go pale at the thought. Ah god, the TEDIUM of looking at and sorting every item in your possession, trying to cram your whole life into some boxes.....ugh, I would rather remove, roast and eat my right arm (and my right one is the good one).

It's not just me right? Moving sucks. Whenever I said to people "Oh I can't, I'm moving this week", most people invariably offered the response: "fuuuuuuuuck. I hate moving." Right you are chum.

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