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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I said yes

About 2 weeks ago, I got my wedding dress. This whole experience totally blew my mind.

How I thought it would go: I would try on a bunch of different stuff, probably not fit in to anything, be incredibly sad, have worst day ever, buy a cheap knock off on line.

How it actually went: Found a dress! Blew my budget, didn't give a crap, cried like a little girl.

I suprised my sister (my maid of honor) on Valentines day, by walking in on family dinner and asking if she wanted to go dress shopping. I had (on Boxing Day, of course) made a bunch of salon appointments. Just making appointments was an intimidating process - they asked about budget, and sizes and dates, and for the secret location of the holy grail. One place emailed me with a page long list of rules. For real.

Like, God didn't give a page long list of rules, there was what, 10 lines?

The first appointment I had, Just my best friend and I went to, and tried on eight dresses. EIGHT. I figured that because of my size, there would be three dresses in a dark corner. How wrong I was.

I was completely prepared to buy one of the dresses from the first appointment, by my dear friend said "why not just check out the second store? You only get to go wedding dress shopping once in your life." And I thought, why not? Plus my mom and my sister could come to the second appointment.

I was nervous. The second appointment was at the place with all the rules. I spent a large chunk of the night before thinking up snappy retorts in the instance that these people were mean to me.

The morning of, I met up with my friend and family, shotgunned a coffee, and went to the store with steel in my heart. Which was, of course, completely unnecessary.

They were lovely. They treated me like gold. I mean, I understand they wanted my money, but I felt so good, I didn't want it to end. The lady at the shop pulled 5 dresses for me from the TWO RACKS of stuff in my size. Some stuff was too big for me. Wrap your head around that shit.

The second dress I tried on was it. They all say on that dress show that I love, that you know when you put your dress on, and honestly, I put this down to rich people on reality tv talk. But they were right. Before I even looked in a mirror, I knew.

My family wanted me to try on other dresses, but I didn't want to see anymore. I wanted to wear this dress to lunch.

Nope, I'm not showing you. Sorry.

I'm borrowing my sister's veil. It also looks as if it was made for me.

I am the luckiest.

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  1. So exciting... :) so glad to hear you had an awesome experience dress shopping!!! and to say YES! that's awesome! :) All the best to you as you make all the other 'wedding' plans :) Sarah