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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely time

I haven't been lonely at all actually, but you get my meaning.

I have missed you!
I thought I was done with the blog, it was just going to go quietly into the good night, but I've been reading stuff on www.salon.com recently, and it has made me realise how much I miss writing, if not every day, at least more often then preparing a bill, or shooting off an email.

 I was feeling a little remorse about having a blog as well; they are such intrinsically narcissistic beasts. I'm not gonna lie, I LOVED having people tell me they read my stuff, they like my stuff.....but I was feeling a little dry. Light on useful topics.

So first, an update: getting hitched in just over 9 months! Holy God. Weddings are insane business, but I'll do a little something on that later. I have made some serious headway in preparing for Christmas craft fairs, though all this has done is extended the time that I worry I won't sell anything. Ah, without worry, what would I be? Probably worried that I have nothing to worry about.

The big news (no, I'm not freaking pregnant), my darling and I are leaving the North. Early next year. We're buying a house and starting a life among friends and family. There will be trees. Starbucks. Lip gloss WHENEVER I WANT IT.

I have been in the North for so long - people don't believe me when i say I'm leaving. They say I'll be back.
Hhhmm. We shall see. My friends, the biggest problem I have is that I am tired.

Yes, I do understand that tired happens everywhere in the world. I am tired of always being on. I'm tired of not being able to disappear for a little while if I need to. If I go to the grocery store, I may (and do) run into 7 people that I used to work with. I go to a nice dinner with my darling, and at the next table is 3 people who made my working life miserable just the day before.

Again, I understand that this sort of thing happens elsewhere, but we can all admit that it probably doesn't happen that often right?

Let me tell you about something that happened recently.

There has been an issue making the local news - a woman was attacked by a dog. She was horribly mauled, in front of her children. She spent a long time in the hospital, and is having a difficult time overcoming this psychologically. Completely understandable, I mean, Jesus, a dog tried to rip her apart.

People are in an uproar, and some want all non-huskie dogs to be banned from Nunavut.

In the wake of this discussion, I was out, walking my dog one day. My dog is a sweetheart - we adopted her from a family who could not take her with them when they moved down south.

It was a lovely afternoon, sunny and warm. I had my headphones on and we were just sort of ambling around - she wasn't even doing her business, we were just walking.

A woman was smoking on her balcony, and motioned for me to take off my headphones, and asked me what kind of dog Rosie is. People ask this sort of thing all the time. So responded that she's a spaniel/lab mix.

And this woman LOST HER EVER LOVING MIND. She screamed at me that I had no right to have a non-huskie dog in Nunavut, that stupid qallunaat like me are the problem with Iqaluit. She told me to fuck myself, and to get out of the north. She told me that I am disgusting.

The worst part? I was so shocked, I didn't respond. I did not tell this woman to fold it up and shove it. I was so disappointed in myself, for allowing someone to make me feel bad. I was just takin a walk man!

Anyway.....this is not why I decided to leave the north, but it didn't help. What helped even less, a few nights later I was eating dinner at a local restaurant, and this same woman tried to sell me a carving at my table. So you see what I mean? There are little chances for getting away.

But screw all that, I get t have a shower! Whoo-hoooooo!!! I dearly hope we all survive my stagette. Heh.

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  1. The part where she tried to sell you a carving a few days later made me laugh! Random abuse with a mercenary twist, you can't get that just anywhere, you know. ;-)