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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Theme of the day: Out of sorts

I'm feelin' pretty weird. Beyond this brutal head cold (my second one since new years, for real), I've been having a bitch of a time sleeping. Not sleeping sucks, and I must admit, I'm like a pro at not sleeping. I'm a master insomnier.

Imagine, if you will, your friend The Help, lying in bed at 5 in the am, staring at her sleeping soundly partner, muttering under her breath about how SOME people have it SO easy, and can sleep all the night through.

 He is actually pretty amazing, I've seen him fall asleep mid-word, let alone mid-sentence.

I called in sick to work today, something I never, ever do. I was totally ready to go, got out of bed, got in the shower, and immediately got back out of the shower and called my manager. I was afraid of doing a Demi Moore impression in the shower (too soon?).

I may have just sneezed out the last of my brains.

The Help

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  1. Hello, I follow your blog often and like your quick wit and humour. Anyways, I noticed that seem to have numerous health problems (including insomnia). I know you have expressed your concern/frustration with weight etc. (Not just b/c of appearance but obviously because you constantly feel rundown). You know it's not normal to never feel 'quite right' however you figure that's just part of life...

    I know I'm a random stranger that doesn't even know you, but I will give you a link to this blog by this guy Dr. Jack Kruse. I don't want to come across as gimmicky or anything, but I offer it because this guy being a neurosurgeon has a firm grasp on bio-chemistry etc. He understands the role of sleep, hormones and other crucial health of organs such as liver and gut in overall health. If you're interested, just have a glance at this site. On the labels you'll notice many blog titles that address many 'problems' people have ranging from auto-immune, leaky gut, cancer etc...In describing his point of view on the hormone leptin, (he does not neglect the importance of insulin resistance etc.) he also explains "Why Oprah is still obese". He is not a freak where he encourages absurd amounts of exercise since he believes when one is 'leptin resistant' doing excessive exercise only creates more cellular stress etc.


    Hopefully you'll understand that even though I don't even know you, I'm not a spammer. I have commented on a few of your blog posts before...so just look for my name.

    Good luck and I hope every success in your career as a nurse!! (See, I used two !! just like Townie Bastard, LOL).