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Saturday, August 28, 2010

No turns to Negative Town today

I started to write about the soul destroying, will-to-live sucking experience I've had in the last few days, the dreaded trying to collect a plane ticket offa the folks at aeroplan, but I have decided that it's too much negativity, and jeebus, life is too short.

So I've had the last couple of days off of work, which is why there have been no postings - I don't have internet at home. I don't have cable either. It's because I'm too cheap, and I'd just spend all my time watching Glee anyways. I thought in the beginning that I would miss tv, and I'd definitely miss the internet, but not so my friends, no so. The internet for me is just a giant recipe box with sometime visits to wikipedia, and I can do that stuff on my blackberry. I find that when I leave work, and thus leaving the internet behind, I'm forced to slow down, and I love that. I read and take baths, and make stuff. I drink tea and visit with people. Sounds like fun right? Aahh, life before texting. And the television thing. I'm not one of those people who pretends that they've never owned a tv, and are above such shallow time wasting (uuuuggggh, just picture one of those people. Insufferable right? Ok, now picture one of those people locked in a room with Chuck Norris). I like tv, don't get me wrong. But there are definatly pros to not having cable for the last three years - if I watch a tv show, it's on dvd, so the next episode is always available, no waiting for next week. There's no commercials on dvds either, and I really really hate commercials. Theres no such thing as Jersey Shore or The Hills in my world. There is no room for Paris Hilton. I love movies, so I watch lots and I have a dizzying dvd collection. I kick yo ass in movie triva, oh yes. And all that money that I don't spend on internet and cable is pretty handy to have around. You know, pay off debt (ok ok, pay debt and buy zombie shoes). So yes, I'm too cheap to spend the approximatly 100 million dollars on cable and internet (God bless the north), but my quality of life is WAY high, so maybe that's a good thing. To quote the great Russell Peters - "you pronounced it 'cheap' but what I heard was 'smart'".

Which brings me to today's slice of deep fried awesome. That would be Russell Peters' stand up dvd "Red, White and Brown". Oh my god, the first time I watched this video.....be warned though. It is not for the faint of heart, and he is on the verge of racist against oh, EVERYONE, but Christ on a mic, is it ever funny. My sister gave me this video for Christmas a few years ago, and I opened it first cause I knew it was a dvd. I had no idea who Russell Peters was, and I wasn't expecting much. Not because my sister has bad taste, but because you never know with stand up, maybe he's not my kind of funny. So I put on this video while I was eating breakfast on Christmas morning, opening the rest of my gifts. Well I believe I inhaled some of my fishcakes with the laughing, and I will forever have cod lodged in my brain. For the love of God don't let your kids watch it.

And that be all today my darlings, Momma got livin' to do.

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  1. Hey Nicole,
    Great blog! Hope aeroplan didn't fuck you around too much!!
    As for Russell Peters... he is not racist... he makes fun of all races equally :) hahaha my two cents for the day
    See you on the flip side,