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Saturday, May 5, 2012

My darlings, My dears

How I have missed you! Please don't hate, let me explain my absence. Picture the last three weeks.....here is what I did: Week 1 (3 weeks ago), had exams (which I kinda killed), worked. Week 2, had clinical time in the hospital, did gross stuff, learned stuff, worked. At the very end of week 2, found out that I was moving, and that I was working/in hospital every day up to moving day. Finished clinical and went home to pack all my worldly possessions. Worked. Moved. Was stressed to the point of breakdown. But!

We have moved, my wonderful man and I. Since our move (not quite a week ago), we have begun breathing on the regular. Sleeping too. Our new place is so much bigger (we have THREE windows now. Three!), it feels like a different world.

And let me tell you something about our happiness levels - we are at an all time high. There has been ZERO snot hawked on our doorknob since moving. There has been no fresh vomit on my stairs, and I have not had to call the police once.

The world feels different when you can sleep. It feels different too, when not living in a cave, I mean having three windows has changed my life. It's the little things.

So I'm working still, but only a few shifts a week, and otherwise, I'm cooking, and sleeping and learning to sew. I'm reading, and trying really, really hard to not feel guilty for doing almost nothing. I don't need to accomplish stuff all the time right? I don't need to always running. Right?

We'll see.

The Help

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