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Monday, April 16, 2012

Pull it together!

I don't usually go all political up in here, but I have noticed recently (on facebook, which I guess my own fault, cause fb sucks) that people are posting these news articles about budget cuts, programs shutting down, wah wah wah.

I have two questions for said people:

1. Why are you surprised?!? Budget cuts are the name of the game in governmental spending. The other thing us useless expenditure. So it was, so it is, so it ever shall be. Shad ap, all this postulating and forecasting is not at all proving how smart you are, it proves that you can regurgitate ages-old "opinions".

2. Why post this stuff on facebook? Do you fool yourself into thinking that any high ranking member of the government reads this stuff? "Oh my god, Bob Smith over in Red Deer doesn't like my fiscal policy, I'd best shut that shit down right now! Cake, therapy and music lessons for all!" C'mooooon.

Yes, I do understand freedom of expression, and having an opinion and whatnot, I mean, what am I really doing here, but expressing myself. I just don't understand people's fear and surprise at shitty things happening to good people/programs. Tilting at windmills yo.

I think the same thing every time I read these stories or statuses - yes, this sucks, but what are you DOING about it? I volunteer, I give crap, I throw in a helping hand when I can. Imagine if all the people who complained about programs being cut gave an hour a week to volunteering? There would be more volunteers then programs, and how wonderful would that be?

This is gonna be the only time I'm gonna do this quote thing, but I think in this instance, it applies:
"Be the change you want to see in the world" Gandhi

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  1. You would be shocked at how much time and energy federal departments spend looking for themselves mentioned in social media. Other points aside, they watch that stuff.