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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Messy Dressy Anyone?

I've been informed that it is 4 days until the 4th Annual Messy Dressy. I am terrified, and let me tell you why:

A re-cap of the last 3 Messy Dressys

Year One - Unaware that it would turn into an annual event, I spent a bunch of time shopping on-line, and mistakenly purchased 5 inch heels. Wore the heels, even though it was still in the throes of winter and they made me approximately 7 feet tall.

I fell off of my towering heels, and broke my ankle that year. After breaking my ankle, I allegedly went to the shooter bar and said something along the line of "that's gonna hurt tomorrow, someone give me a shot, ahahahahaha", and then danced on said broken ankle until closing time. Someone had to help me haul the shoe offa my ankle as it was so swollen and gross by the end of the night. I am so proud.

Year Two - I got home 2 full days after I left my apartment. I repeat, 2 days. I have a picture of me wearing a crown in a bathroom. I have no recollection of either a bathroom or a crown, though I assume (based on the pictures) I was in a bathroom wearing a crown at some point, and I also learned a lesson. Wore black hightop sneakers. The afterparty was legendary. Apparently.

Year Three - At the pre-party dinner, the restaurant allowed me to plug my ipod into the sound system and we played the Roxanne Drinking Game* during dinner. Not only did we play this drinking game in a fancy restaurant dressed as if we were going to the prom, we called over the other patrons of the restaurant (including some random's grandfather) to play/drink with us. And they did it.

Each year, the party happens at the Legion, and each year, I apparently sing with whomever is performing that night. Again, I can surmise this only from pictures. Heh.

Last year, I spent the day after the party putting my bathroom back together, and cleaning up vomit (not mine).

Good times.

The Help

*You play the song Roxanne by the Police. Half the people drink when they say "Roxanne" and the other half drinks when they say "you don't have to put on the red light". They say each of these things 600 times - we went from zero to hammered in 3 minutes (grandpa was WASTED). Try it some time!

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