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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gawd, I'm Terrible

The first little while that I didn't write, it was because I was so tired and stunned by the amount of work I had to do, that I didn't want to just complain. Then the time stretched longer and farther, and then, all of a sudden, I was on vacation again. Craziness. Now it's gotten to the point where I feel guilty for not writing, which is utter madness, cause there are plenty of days I feel like I don't have time to pee.....

But for now, my bladder is empty, and I have much to report.
First, there are only 6 weeks left to school. Holy Bejesus. Where on earth did the time go? I've learned how to do vital signs which is all kinds of neat-o, and have acquired a stethoscope of my very own. In the color of frosted glacier, no less.

The going to part time thing hasn't really worked. I'm working just a few hours less then I was when I was full time, so I am, as ever, completely exhausted.

I got an extremely poor grade back yesterday, my first. I was devastated.

The good stuff - I was able to take a vacation during school's reading week. I finally after a lifetime, got to see my favorite man. Ok, it was only 2 months, but it seemed like a FREAKING LIFETIME. It was so, so good to see him. The days leading up to vacation, I started getting scared and stressed. I was afraid things would be awkward and weird. I was afraid that he forgot what I looked like in the intervening time and wouldn't think I was pretty anymore. I was afraid that the magic would be gone, or lessened. This was so not the case my friends. It was such a wonderful relief to be all wrapped up in him again, and there was no awkwardness, there was nothing but shit happy. It was like I was never gone, we completely picked up where we left off. Le sigh. I am the luckiest.

So we went to Newfoundland. He had never been before, and there was the great event - Meeting The Family. Of course, and possibly for the first time, my family completely fell in love with him. My sister was particularly vocal about this - after a bit of wine, she tells me that she thinks he is the best dude I've ever gone out with. I happen to agree. I brought him to the touristy places that you're supposed to bring mainlanders to, and there were many kisses at red lights. We shopped and ate terrible/awesome food (big shout out to Ches's), we hung out with the family, and babysat the kids. In short, we didn't stop. Of the six days we were on the Rock, it didn't snow for 7 minutes. Yep, we timed it. Seven minutes. There were many many, oh, many, people I didn't get to see. to you, my Newfoundland friends, I'm very sorry, It's not a lack of love, and we'll be back in the summer.

And now for something completely different - are you in love with Mumford and Sons or whaa?

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