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Thursday, November 3, 2011

yeah-eah-eah What's up morphine?

I've told you before, about my stupid busted hurty finger. Well this week, I can only assume is what is punishment from God, my finger has been particularly awful. Like been to the E.R. three times in 5 days awful. Like getting needles full of morphine (and torodol and gravol) awful.

Sure, sure, it sounds like fun, and admittedly, the first afternoon was a laugh, I just floated around laughing and waving at the walls. But then by day three, it wasn't fun anymore, and I was missing school and work, and missing having a working brain. So yesterday, I stopped taking the pills, and today, I returned to work and school. Nice to be back, for sure, but just cause I'm sick of my dirthole apartment, doesn't mean I'm better. But I'm powering through. So lets talk about something else shall we?

Let's talk about Lindsay Lohan, tastefully pictured below, in handcuffs. So this week, she was given 90 days in jail, which was then reduced to 6 days, which actually means in famous person jail speak, 34 seconds. I used to feel sorry for her, for real. I even wrote to one of my fave gossip bloggers to take it easy, this girl is clearly sad smut, not fun flirty styles gossip. I was wrong. This woman is very simply put, an asshole. She is physically and mentally incapable of doing the right thing, and how GD hard is it to do the right thing?? It's hard for her, because there are no consequences. From her family, from the court system, or from her own inner dialogue. Tell me something - if the one thing keeping you out of jail was to show up at a women's shelter once every 2 weeks, would you do it? Would you do it all at once so that it didn't drag on forever? Would you feel terrible about yourself day and night if you got FIRED from a volunteer position? I know I would. though I suppose that's the difference between her and I, or her and all of us. Also, I don't think cocaine smells nearly as good as she thinks it does, so maybe there's something to that.

Another question: what would your mother do if you behaved like this? MY mother would kick my ass. Twice, and convince me that I liked it to. Lindsay Lohan's mother sold her to Playboy, and then went looking for ways to pawn off her other children so that she never has to pay for her cocai....I mean, ice cream.

So do me a fave, do us all a solid. If you are a purchaser of Playboy, please don't buy the one she covers. If you AREN'T a Playboy purchaser, by all means, continue to not purchase. Or take a page from my book - I'm gonna buy a Playboy every month until she is on the cover, just so I can refuse to buy the one she's on. I'll only read the articles, swears.

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