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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Burnin' in My Heart

Sitting here listening to some oldies (ooooo, heatwave!), thinkin of you all. It's been forever and a day. So! An update:

-school is brutal, the grades are NOT what they were last year, let me tell ya. Still love it.
-still working. probably...ah who am I trying to kid..am DEFINITELY working way too much, which  of course prompts the question, why in God's name did I stop being a manager?
-me and my honey are awesome. He is awesomer.
-I'm going to VEGAS. suck on that.
-I still hate people who hit the handicap button. I had to be physically restrained from harming a slap happy gentleman who hit the button once he was THROUGH the door one day last week. The door that I held open for him. So help me.....

I have a new an improved list of things I hate (please note that this is not a complete list):
1. when the shower curtain touches when your in the shower. It's silly, I know, I clean said curtain myself, but still. Grosses me out.
2. Ugg boots. I'll live if you don't agree. Someone gotta be peelin them off of Britney Spears every night. Think about that next time you hate your job.
3. Stupid m*#therf@!king wallet stealers.
4. 600 daily requests for me to re-post something about angels or sisters or cancer or dragons as my facebook status. Not doin it, and maybe it's bad karma, or makes it appear that I don't care about people dying - not the case. I just don't believe that my status is gonna save a life. Finishing nursing school maybe, a sentence on line? Nope, I don't buy it.
5. Dear, darling friends, moving away.
6. Lindsay Lohan. For reals, got a mad hate on for that ropey twat.
7. Mushrooms.
8. Negative, sad people (so says the person compiling a list of hates). Go be negative somewhere else sad face! Fawk. Least you're not Britney Spears' boot removal person.

To answer some questions: yes, I saw the movie "The Help". No, I do not think they will sue me, as I suspect I don't actually exist to these people. Yes, I failed the diet. Again. No, I don't mind that I failed. I'm ok.

The Help


  1. I forgot how funny you are. I am glad that things are still going well with your awsomer. I love awsomers. my awsomer is awesome but not as awesome as how awsome it is to be with someone who is more awsome than awsomer.


  2. Number 1, I totally get you. I hate that feeling… warm water / cold shower curtain.