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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Remember me?

Whoo boy, it's been a long time! It's so funny, cause every day I didn't write, the easier it got to not write, if that makes any sense, and then I'd feel terribly guilty for not writing. Vicious cycle.

So! I finished school, my very first year of nursing. It was AWESOME!! Ok, ok, totally hard, full of tears and sacrifice, and worth every minute. Turns out that all that crazy hard work I did added up to something (say what?!? True story). I have some of the highest grades in my year, and my overall average, while not an A, sure ain't bad. It feels like an A.

Since school has finished, I've worked some, but mostly, I've been doing a lot of nothing. For possibly the first time in my life. And the thing about that is, it sucks, doing nothing. I am NOT cut out for sittin on my ace, watching life go by. You wouldn't even believe the make work projects I've been undertaking, just to keep myself out of trouble. If civilization fell tomorrow, and years from now archaeologists came back to study what remained, they would be amazed at the orderliness of my paperwork. This is the stuff of legends, categorized by year and type of whatever. I've been cooking like the stove is gonna die later today.

Speaking of cooking, I had a little dream come true action last week - I met a cheftestant from Top Chef Canada. It's quite a story. I was BEYOND excited to meet this guy, but unfortunately for all concerned, I was just south of hammered when I did. At 1 in the morning. In the parking lot of the Legion. Jesus save us all from a drunky Help, because lemme tell you, I laid it down for this guy.

He was pretty unimpressed with the fact that all the bars in the city were closed (everything round here closes at 12:30 on weeknights). So he walked by me, trying to get into the Legion, and when I realised who he was, I called out, and told him the place was closed, but that I was super frigging excited to meet him. This is where things kinda hit the skids; he asked who I thought should have won Top Chef, and I replied with drunken honesty - Connie. Wrong answer. He actually turned away from me, and started to leave, whe one of his friends told me I was supposed to say "Dustin" (as this was the top chef standing in front of me). What the what?!? I'm not gonna start lying just cause you're on tv, fool. So I got a picture, and dismissed him. Heh.

The only other bit of news - my darling one has moved to the north, and we now live together, two nerdly peas in a queen size pod. It was our anniversary a few weeks ago. He gave me a beautiful silver and ivory ring. I gave him a video game, and oddly, he was totally happy with that. Must be a dude thing.

The Help

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