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Saturday, July 16, 2011

And so begins the countdown

I'm not one of those people that has a countdown from day 276 leading to their vacation, but since I leave in TWENTY DAYS, that's a little different. I don't know if you could tell from the use of caps, but I am super frigging excited for my vacation this summer.

It's so weird. It used to be that I would leave the north every six months, and that was perfect. Granted the last week or so before the 6 months was up, I was a shade or two short of completely fucking bonkers, but 6 months was my magic number. To those who know, people in/from the north, the day to day around here isn't always easy. Sometimes, you just get tired of people screaming in the streets. Sometimes you get tired of eating at the same 5 restaurants over and over. I'm kinda having one of those days today, and I decided that 6 is no longer my magic number, now it's more like 4. And because of my new found debt freeness, I can actually afford to go every 4 months or so. Theres talk of going south for Christmas. If this is the case, it will be my first Christmas away since I've moved here. I love Christmas in Iqaluit, like a lot, but the idea of taking off for 10 days sounds delicious.

In other news, I have stagette tonight, the first time I've been to one in the north. It promises to be COMPLETELY INSANE. Like, I was thinking about calling the hospital to see if they'll put a liver on standby for me for tomorrow. I made a jug of gin and juice, and ratio of booze to juice is startlingly high. We're talking 60:40 here. Burn your nose hairs off. Ah yes, the smell of good times.

My darling has been warned however. He knows that he'll be starin down the barrel of a drunken girlfriend later tonight. He is a brave man. Didn't even flinch.

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